The Lang Group serves a wide variety of clients with janitorial and maintenance services.  Our commercial cleaning services include, but are not limited to the following;  large or small business, multiple offices buildings, large independent businesses, large or small individual offices and a variety of janitorial services to property management companies.  We also serve a wide variety of office environments including; medical, dental, manufacturing and traditional corporate environments.  Whether your needs require simple office cleaning or you are looking for someone to manage a complex janitorial routine for an entire building we will offer you the best value.

Whether you are a customer or staff, our goal has always been to offer more than is expected.  That has been our philosophy from the start.  As a result our attrition rate is far better than our competition.  Our clients stick with us and our staff turn-over is minimized.  We just do it better!  Call us today!  216-255-0634  


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We can handle your building!

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Restaurant
  • Traditional corporate environments.

Cleveland Commercial Cleaners that specialize in:

  • Post construction cleanings for retail space and commercial.
  • Daily and weekly commercial building office maintenance cleanings.